Patient Patterns

Whether you enter our office as the only patient or with a row of full exam rooms, we promise a feeling of the former with undivided attention and individualized care. Due to this pledge of refraining from what I call McCare – McDonald’s like, pre-packaged “care” – I sit with each patient after consultation to review their procedure options. It’s my favorite part of the job. This wasn’t always so…

I shadowed my first few financial consultations, observing until I deceived myself into having enough confidence to hold one alone. I’m sure my quaking voice and awkward mannerisms communicated trepidation more than procedure choices. Before long this recitation transformed into fluid conversation. I owe this change to our patients. Without obligation, patient after patient shared deeply moving stories of how they came to sit in front of me. It’s this voluntary vulnerability that made conversation approachable.

I’m privileged with the best vantage point in the business. I see every patient before and after consultation. I’m introduced to a patient and say goodbye to an individual.  I’m given the real story, the one behind aesthetic change. Although delivered one at a time, the stories gradually piece themselves together as a collective with discernable pattern.

For instance, we consulted with two breast cancer survivors on Monday. On Friday, three widows. Patients share much more than the consideration of facial plastic surgery. Our patients have admirable strength, allowing them to triumph through struggle. I don’t think they’re told often enough how much they inspire us. To our current patients, thank you for making Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery a part of your story. For those of the future, I’m excited to help  provide the complete care you deserve.

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