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Why Men Love Beaty, Too

The days of the aesthetic world being the domain of only women are long gone. Today men want the same rejuvenation as women. And why not? Why should men have to live with sagging eyelids or a double chin? That’s no way to compete with younger counterparts at the office! In April’s springy Beaty blogs, …

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Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) encompasses a broad range of procedures to alter typically masculine facial features to bring them closer in shape, size, and aesthetics to typically feminine facial features. However, this can be for both biological women and trans women.  Forehead and Eyes The upper face and forehead are a tell-tale sign of masculinity …

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Results Can be Profound

If you follow the aesthetic world (as you probably do if you’re here rooting about in Dr. Beaty’s blog), you know there are two treatment areas that have been exploding over the last couple of years — microneedling and radiofrequency treatments for skin rejuvenation. At Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery, we thought we go those separate …

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More About Beauty by Beaty

In October’s first blog we described our new Beauty by Beaty Membership program. The program is a subscription where our best patients pay a low monthly payment and make use of our various injectables and other non-invasive treatments that we’ve included as part of their unique treatment plan. In this second blog, let’s get into …

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Lose Weight and Look Great

Most patients I see with weight issues add weight incrementally.  It does not typically all come on in one year, but over the course of many years.  Three pounds over the holidays, a few pounds over a vacation and now the quarantine fifteen.  We add it on and never bother to take our weight back …

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