One month ago at 9:32AM I tweeted:

Getting #Botox for the first time today. Wish me luck!

By 9:42AM, I was a Botox veteran.

My publicity earned mixed reviews from friends and family. Although I rebutted arguments against “putting poison in my face”, they were not alone in having hesitations. Having seen hundreds of Botox patients, I was more curious than concerned about the level of pain. My reluctance stemmed more from perception than anything else.

Would others judge me? Would I look fake and without expression? Ultimately, would it tarnish an image of pragmatism?

Receiving Botox is, by a landslide, the easiest doctor’s appointment I’ve had. Treatment was short, effective, and virtually painless. Dr. Beaty began by asking me which areas of my upper face were bothersome. For me it was just the region between my eyebrows, called the glabella. Mahparaprepped this area with lidocaine cream and let it settle for a few minutes. Dr. Beaty then returned and walked me through the entire injection process. Had he not stated, “I’m injecting now,” I would’ve continued to wait. After treatment, I was given reusable gel packs to apply slight pressure and prevent swelling.

The effects really became apparent two days later. When the sun glared, I no longer glared back with the Great Divide traversing my forehead. I still have control over my facial expressions too. If anything, now they are delivered with more confidence.

I’m uncertain why I let my mind exaggerate the negative stigma of Botox. It’s natural to maintain every other component of life, from your car to your relationships. Why not maintain your appearance as well? I am now certified Protox – pro Botox administered by a professional.

Until next time,

Brooke Loftis

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