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Tighten Your Skin With Ultherapy in Atlanta 

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Do you want to tighten and rejuvenate your facial skin without invasive cosmetic surgery? Then cutting-edge Ultherapy might be the answer.

Ultherapy is a non-surgical skin tightening and rejuvenation procedure. As skin matures, collagen fibers that provide internal support and structure become loose, worn and stop supporting your skin. Dr. Beaty  will target specific layers beneath the surface using ultrasound technology (same as medical imaging) and send focused beams of ultrasound energy into them.***

Your skin responds to this energy by producing new collagen, which causes your skin to gradually tighten, firm and lift over a three-to-six month period.

You will be able to return to normal activities immediately with no special precautions. It is not uncommon to experience slight swelling for a few weeks after the treatment. Less than 5% of Ultherapy patients experience bruising and discoloration.

Ultherapy in Atlanta is not exclusively for women either. It’s one of our more common male cosmetic surgeries as well. A good candidate for Ultherapy in Atlanta is someone who’s experiencing mild to moderate skin laxity in their face or neck. Ultherapy will not replace or duplicate the results of traditional plastic surgery, though it is an excellent place to start if you are not yet ready or require invasive surgery.*

To schedule your consultation for Ultherapy in Atlanta, call Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery. You can reach us at (770) 753-0053 or contact us online to find out more information about Ultherapy in Atlanta and other options.

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