Platelet-Rich Plasma for Skin Rejuvenation

In human blood, platelets play a critical role by allowing the blood to clot, stemming the wound and initiating skin repair. We all know platelets and their clotting power, but they have a much larger role in wound healing and skin rejuvenation than you know. Blood platelets contain fundamental protein growth factors.

Platelet-rich plasma puts that skin rejuvenation power to work. It’s a process where a small sample of a person’s blood is taken and then the platelets, plasma, and white blood cells are separated out into a dense serum rich in healing and skin rejuvenation qualities.

At Beaty Facial Plastic Surgery, we incorporate platelet-rich plasma in with our microneedling treatments, as the microscopic punctures create the perfect vehicle for the PRP to get down into the deeper layers of the skin.

What is platelet-rich plasma skin rejuvenation?

You may have heard of professional football players using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to speed healing after an injury or surgery. That’s because, once distilled and concentrated down to the core healing elements of the blood, PRP has powerful healing properties. At Dr. Beaty’s we use PRP to “heal” problems such as sun damage, acne scars and stretch marks, and to address the decreasing volume that is a part of normal aging.

How is a PRP treatment done?

At Beaty, we begin the PRP process by taking a small amount of blood from you, about the same amount used for a typical lab test. That blood is then placed in a centrifuge that spins at a high rate and separates the different components of the blood. Red blood cells are divided out from the platelets and the plasma (the clear fluid that makes blood liquid). This plasma now contains a higher-than-normal number of platelets (four times higher), white blood cells, and plasma and is called platelet-rich plasma.

After we have your PTP, we use Sephyl, RegenLab, or similar gel product to create a platelet-rich fibrin matrix. This formula stimulates the growth of new skin cells. This is applied to the skin at the conclusion of your microneedling treatment.

These treatments only take about 30 minutes to perform, and your skin will really respond to the combination of microneedling and the platelet-rich plasma.

Interested in microneedling with PRP at Beaty? Call us at (770) 753-0053 to set up an appointment.

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