8 Rhinoplasty Recovery Tips

Once you’ve completed a Rhinoplasty procedure, you probably can’t wait to see your new nose. The trouble is, like any part of your body, your nose takes time to heal. Bruising and swelling often make it difficult to get a clear picture of how you are going to look. While “blacked” eyes usually fade away completely after about 10 days, residual swelling may last up to six months. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to speed your recovery.

The following tips can help minimize swelling:

  • Drink plenty of water, especially in the first few days after surgery.
  • Eat a proper diet and watch your sodium intake.
  • Get plenty of rest, and avoid strenuous activities for one to two months.
  • Use ice or a cold compress, if recommended.
  • Avoid medications that may interfere with fluid balance.
  • Avoid bumping or disturbing your nose as it heals.
  • Do not use cosmetics for the first few weeks.
  • If you wear glasses, do not rest them on your nose for the first six weeks.

During your follow-up appointment, Dr. Beaty will provide each patient with case-specific tips.  It’s important to follow your doctor’s instructions as closely as possible. Failure to do so often leads to a prolonged recovery time.

We know it’s hard to wait for the final result. We want you to look and feel fabulous as much as you do. Take good care of your nose, and you’ll be able to show off your enhancement sooner!

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