Have you noticed it is easier to gain weight after middle age? It is sad, but true.

Have you noticed it is easier to gain weight after middle age?  It is sad, but true. 

Your basal metabolic rate declines over time.  After the age of fifty, most adults need to reduce caloric intake by 200 calories to maintain a healthy weight.  Some recommendations are to lower by 100 calories per day during the 50th decade and another 100 calories per day in the 60th decade and beyond.   If the fitness calculator you use does not account for age changes, make sure to subtract from the listed recommended caloric intake or you will gain weight.  The recommended carbohydrate / protein / fat ratio in the older age group is 40/30/30.  Consider adding daily vitamin B12, vitamin D, Calcium and magnesium if you are over the age of fifty.

Laura Beaty, M.D.

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